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Cookies Cup Cakes

They're delicious with milk!

You'll go over the moon for our famous chocolate gobs. They're often available in special seasonal flavors, so call us at 724-483-2177 to find out what's new.

  • Pecan turtle

  • White chocolate raspberry

  • Walnut fudge

  • Chocolate chunk

You can have us create cupcakes with many of the same batter and filling options that are available for our cakes. Download our Bakery Menu or call 724-483-2177 for details.

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Treat yourself to cookies

Try amazing chocolate gobs

Snack on our tasty brownies

Throw a fantastic party with customized cupcakes

Please download our Bakery Menu to see our full range of pastries.

  • Chocolate chip

  • Coconut rum

  • Toasted almond

  • Chocolate Kahlúa

  • Anise almond

  • Cranberry walnut

Enjoy some fine biscotti

  • Chocolate chip

  • Triple chocolate

  • Heath bar oatmeal

  • Sugar

  • Oatmeal raisin

Liven up the office with cookies, biscotti, brownies, and cupcakes

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